"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

James 1:27
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ICC volunteers using "design" as a tool through architecture and engineering are able to address systemic problems with creative long-term sustainable design solutions that significantly improve the lives of those oppressed. These solutions may include new construction, renovation of existing buildings, temporary shelter or providing a "system" that ultimately provides the much needed "engine". Goals include:

-Identify Geographical areas/magnitude of need-Define the problem
-Locate land/existing building and/or campus
-Determine the programmatic needs/budget
-New Building Projects- Orphanages, shelters, community/rehabilitation centers, schools
-Renovation/Retrofit- Maximize the potential of existing infrastructure to meet the need-Provide the economic engine to support the sustainability of an existing facility.                


CARE PROGRAMS focus on individual programs that target specific children, adults and life changing events. The focus and scale of each program is catered to allow each donor feel directly "connected" to their selected program without feeling burdened or overwhelmed. Typical human care projects would include:

-Educational Programs- Sponsor a child and their academic pursuits (elementary-college)
-Occupational Training- Sponsor the mentoring of a child or adult to develop the necessary skills to become self-sufficient
-Medical Programs- Provide for the medical treatment and/or rehabilitation of both children and adults. These include: corrective surgeries, preventative medicine, specialized therapy
-Operational Support- Provide initial Capital for new CARE COMMUNITIES as they transition to becoming self-supporting communities.
-Special Events- Help fund special events. ICC continually strives to both host and actively participate in events that utilize its collective strength of dedicated volunteers to enhance the lives of those most in need.



ICC in partnership with local churches and faith based organizations continues to expand its spiritual mission of caring for orphans through sponsored mission teams comprised of volunteers from various parts of the world. Currently, ICC focuses on serving the needs of Sarang orphanage in Qingdao China and is actively seeking additional opportunities for outreach.

The collective strength of ICC's devoted volunteers is growing with the fruits of many desiring to expand their traditional mission trips with more meaningful "mission relationships" providing volunteers firsthand experience interaction with local orphans and establishing meaningful connections while inspiring dedicated involvement.  

The commitment to expand ones spiritual journey is benefited by their continued involvement in the lives of those they have touched and they themselves often comment on how they have learned so much from those they've helped. Sympathy is replaced with heartfelt joy and compassion.  Based on the success and desire of these members to surrender their hearts and embrace others in need, ICC has set its goals on expanding its global care outreach from China and other parts of Asia to now include Mexico, Brazil and other south american nations.  The collective strength of Care Missions and Care Programs directly benefit and enrich the several Care Projects outlined and provide inspiration for what could be the next great Care Project.

These summer mission experiences lend themselves to ICC's core mission of creating sustainable communities that transcend temporary mission efforts with environments that are long-lasting while providing for the ongoing operation and spiritual enrichment of all.

  CARE 101

CARE 101 is a College Campus led initiative that focuses on One on One sponsorship of a child in need. The program originates from the idea of caring college students taking a spiritual and financial interest in the future development of one child. CARE 101 provides an excellent opportunity for a caring individual to serve as a "Big Brother or Big Sister" through their support and communication with their child in the hope that some day they will meet and effect each others lives in a profound manner.                


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